The Lean List Method

Are you tired of failing?

Learn how to actually accomplish your goals with a foolproof system born from 15+ years of coaching.

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Sarah W.

"The Lean List Method course transformed my approach to goal-setting. The templates made it so easy to get started!"


John D.

"I've struggled with sticking to my goals, but this course helped me build lasting habits. Highly recommended!"


Emily S.

"The videos were engaging, and the systems taught in this course have made a real difference in my life."

In this course

Your ideal future is waiting.

Learn my tried and tested method for setting audacious goals, and actually achieving them!

  • Learn to set big goals based on your identity

  • Learn the trick to breaking these down into smaller goals

  • Learn to create daily habits that drive tangible progress


Michael B.

"I’m a fan of productivity methods, and the Lean List Method is one of the best I’ve come across. Great course!"


Laura M.

"The Lean List Method helped me prioritize my goals and stay on track. It’s been a game-changer."


Daniel L.

"As someone who’s always looking to improve, this course was exactly what I needed. Practical and effective!"

In This Course

Learn why most methods don't work.

Accomplishing goals requires an understanding of how to identify areas of focus, break things down into manageable pieces, and properly define habits.

  • Learn how to focus on the right things at the right times

  • Learn the secret to creating habits that stick

  • Learn the best systems for developing discipline and consistency


Melissa H.

"I’ve taken other goal-setting courses, but this one truly stands out. The results speak for themselves."


Ryan G.

"The templates provided in this course saved me so much time and made the process enjoyable."


Nicole P.

"I used to procrastinate a lot, but now I have a system that keeps me accountable. Thanks for this course!"

Your time is now

The life you want is closer than you think.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who never seem to accomplish New Year's Resolutions

  • Those with big dreams who don't know where to start

  • Those who have tried, and failed, with other goal-setting systems

Instant Access

Get lifetime access to 10 modules instantly, as well as my highly-rated goal-setting templates with video walkthroughs and examples.

What do you get?

10 Modules of Learning

Here is everything you get for one low price:

  • Section I - Introduction

  • Section II - The Power of SMART Goal-Setting

  • Section III - The Power of Habits and Repeatable Actions

  • Section IV - Your Daily Success Blueprint

  • Section V - Motivation vs Discipline

  • Section VI - Implementing Your Success Blueprint

  • Section VII - The Art of Procrastination

  • Section VIII - The Brain Dump

  • Section IX - Fail Forward Fast

  • Section X - Conclusion + Bonus Materials

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